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Istvan Magyar photographer

I am a documentary photographer and I specialise in unobtrusive reportage photography. Since my main interest are people, I take photos of life events. I run a business as a documentary wedding photographer and I regularly cover major social events. My passion is to find and record decisive moments in life. Whether these are events of great significance or everyday occurrences I am equally interested as far as people are involved.

I like photographs that tell a story and I love black and white photography for its abilities to concentrate on the essence without being drawn away by the outside. I have created a personal photography blog where I publish my own projects and wanderings on the land of photography. I have covered many concerts, shows, festivals, conferences and other events in the past and as time permits I will slowly populate this website as well with photos and blog posts.

For weddings, please visit http:/​/​imagyarweddings.​com for my personal work: http:/​/​istvanmagyar.​com or Istvan Magyar Photo on Facebook